Coolshield Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds Coolshield Outdoor blinds is an offshoot of the roller blinds that are made specifically for outdoor use. The fabric is made of vinyl-coated polyester, and can withstand both sun and rain. We use direct mount heavy duty side bracket system for our outdoor blinds, which directly mount to the ceiling or wall with stainless steel screw and clipped lock at side bracket for security reason. It also comes with stainless steel side guide (optional) mounted from ceiling to floor and bond together >with hooks to the blinds preventing it from flipping due to strong winds.




Blackout Blinds

blackoutBlackout Roller Shades are ideal for preventing light penetration and providing privacy, it’s made of 100% PVC Fibre material. These shades are capable of blocking off 100% of the sunlight and providing 100% full privacy thus it is suitable for rooms and privacy area e.g Office meeting room or toilet.






Rainbow Blinds20131223_200708_Richtone(HDR)-K1000

Rainbow Blinds is well-liked among customers who wish to have control of light penetration and privacy as and when needed in an easy operated manner.Rainbow Blinds is easily match in any area that required a neat and modern looks.Rainbow Blinds comes in dual shades applied in multiple alternating layers of blackout shade and clear shade. It is operated by a pulley system and comes with head rail pelmets that allow the shades to roll all the way up and conceal under the pelmet.

Deco Normal Dim Out BlindsNormal Dim-Out Blinds

Normal Dim-Out roller blinds are blinds that provide decorative purposed in replace of curtain for easy maintenance. All our blinds are manufactured using laser cut-and-seal technology which gives precision to material cutting, thereby reducing the chances of fabric fraying .

 Solar BlindsSolar Blinds

Coolshield solar blinds are excellent choice for most bedrooms, perforated shades help to reduce UV rays and heats up to about 60% making it an alternative to solar film.





Wooden BlindsWooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are fabricated in horizontal adjustable louvers, designed with their slats that can close tight together, thus reduces quite an amount of penetrating sunlight when the slats are closed. Wooden blinds are made of natural wood finish with varnish and it comes in 35mm and 50mm slate width.

UV BlindsUV Blinds

UV Blinds are just like Wooden Blinds, fabricated in horizontal adjustable louvers with slate that can close tight together to prevent sunlight and heat penetrating. But the difference is UV blind is made of PVC materials that made to last, and it can withstand rain or shine and keeps UV away. It comes in 50mm width. Thus making it the most popular choice.