Curtains are a great aid to décor, adding color where it is needed and toning down an over-exuberant palette when necessary.


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Many residential these days come furnished with day curtains. Day curtains play an important role in the interior furnishings, and due to the wide variety of designs available, day curtain materials create a soft and graceful feel when combined with the night curtains. Very often only day curtains are install in areas, such as the living hall or dining hall, to reduce the glare and privacy from the outside. Most day curtains are easy to maintain, machine-washable, and steam cleaning is possible for some.




Night Curtains, Dim-out Curtains & Blackout Curtains

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Night curtains help provide privacy, heat and glare shielding and uv protection.

These days night curtains are not just aesthetics for the interior, they’re also functional. There are three choices of fabric to choose from Normal, Dim-out and Blackout fabric

Normal fabric provide privacy and block out to about only 20%-50% of the light in the bedroom, but most Normal fabric comes with very vibrant colour and design as compare to the others. 





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Dim-out is commonly used in modern interior furnishings as it provide privacy and blocking of sunlight to about 60%-95% depending on the fabric colour.

Most Dim-out curtains come with a layer of black fabric in

between two layer of outer fabric to provide better heat and glare shielding. Lastly Blackout curtains provide up to 100% blockage of the light. But it is heavy and required dry cleaning, so making it less popular as compare to the Dim out fabric.




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